Light Therapy Mask


Eliminate Your Acne & Wrinkles

Are you struggling to treat your acne or starting to spot wrinkles on your face? 

Our NEW Light Therapy Mask is the most effective and latest breakthrough designed to nurture and care for your skin. Do your skin a favour by purchasing one for yourself!


Trusted By 10,000+ Australians

Everything about the Light Therapy Mask was designed to assure your skin is as healthy as possible. Recommended by Australian Dermatologists, our Light Therapy Mask has been proven to eliminate acne, help reduce wrinkles and slow skin ageing by promoting the production of collagen.

Join over 10,000+ Australians who have had their lives changed and have come to love using their Light Therapy Mask.

Benefits Of The Light Therapy Mask

✅ Eliminates Acne & Prevents Skin Breakouts

✅ Saves $1,000's In Salon Treatments

✅ Just 15 Minutes A Day With Life Changing Results

✅ Smoothen Fine Lines & Wrinkles

✅ Save Hours In Treatment Time

✅ Improves Skin Tone & Texture

✅ Does No Damage To Your Skin

✅ Environmentally Friendly 

✅ Fast & Free Delivery Australia Wide

✅ 10,000+ Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Proven To Work

Out Light Therapy Mask has been specifically proven to eliminate acne & skin breakouts, proven to reduce wrinkles and the different modes on the device allows the product to be suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Our Light Therapy Mask has been designed with 7 different modes. That means 7 treatment methods all in one product, saving you thousands in salon treatments! It's a no brainer!

Our Light Therapy Mask is also environmentally friendly, so by purchasing one not only will you be saving thousands of dollars, but you will also be doing your part in keeping the environment clean and plastic free!

How The Light Therapy Mask Helps Your Skin

The Light Therapy Mask helps make your skin as healthy as possible by promoting the production of collagen. It then helps you maintain your healthy skin by making your skin feel healthier each time you use our Light Therapy Mask.

We have spent years designing the best possible skincare product and our 10,000+ Australian customers are extremely happy with our completely pain free treatment. 


How To Use Our Light Therapy Mask

Our Light Therapy Mask is very easy to use. Prior to using the device, make sure to wash your face. Next make sure that all the USB cables are correctly plugged in. Then simply turn on the device and select your preferred settings.

Find a comfortable place to use the device and let the treatment work according to your settings. After your time is finished, apply your preferred serum or skincare cream to moisturise your skin.


Feel Safe With Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading self care store. If the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

What's In The Box

1 x Facial Mask
1 x Neck Mask
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Pack Accessories
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual


How Long Until I See Results?

Our Light Therapy Mask stimulates your own cells natural healing and collagen production. Due to this, the most visible results will not be immediate, but you will see improvements after each session.

After the first session, your skin will feel smoother and more hydrated with a natural radiant glow. Acne scars will start to disappear in as little as two weeks, and with continued use it will be completely eliminated. 

Is It Safe To Use?

All our devices are 100% safe to use! Our devices have received all necessary medical certifications to be considered as a completely safe device for customer use. All devices are completely safe and cause no harm from over-exposure.

We do recommend seeking advice from your doctor first if you have any medical conditions which might prevent you from using the Light Therapy Mask. For example if you have epilepsy or are taking any medications which might cause light sensitivity.

Is It Painful?

The light therapy treatment is painless, gentle and will require no down time after treatments. 

How Often Should I Use The Device?

We recommend using this device every day for 15 minutes to see optimal results. 

Does This Device Have Side Effects?

No. There are no side effects from using this device. You will not get sun burn and skin cancer as they are caused by light exposure from UV wavelengths, which our device does not emit.

Can I Use This Device On Tattooed Skin?

The effect of light therapy on tattoos is not yet completely known. To avoid any reactions to the light, we recommend covering any exposed tattoos with a small amount of fabric.

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